Student Tours to the Washington Monument

Student Tours to the Washington Monument

Student Tours to the Washington MonumentThe Washington Monument is a stone obelisk standing at an impressive 555 feet in the National Mall. Fifty flags symbolizing each of the fifty states in the UnitedStates surround the base of the 90,854-ton building. The monument, located east of the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial, was built as a monument to Founding Father and first American president, George Washington.


On the 100th anniversary of George Washington’s birth in 1833 the Washington National Monument Society, led by John Marshall and James Madison, heralded the project to create a monument to the first Commander-in-Chief. In 1836, a contest was held for designs of the monument. The winner, architect Robert Mills, was chosen for his design of a 600-ft obelisk surrounded by a circular colonnade.

Construction of the Washington Monument began on July 4, 1848. A few changes were made to Mills’ original design- notably changing the height from 600 ft to 550 ft when it was discovered that the foundation would not be able to support a taller monument. A lack of funds and the Civil War delayed and even completely stopped construction of the Monument, but after 37 years the Monument was completed. The Washington Monument officially opened to the public in October 1888.


The Washington Monument

Inside the Washington Monument, visitors can see a statue of George Washington on the ground floor lobby. The observation deck is located at the 500 foot mark and features a fascinating view of Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

On the elevator trip up to the observation deck, visitors can observe commemorative stones lining the walls of the observation deck. These stones were donated during the construction of the Washington Monument by individuals, civic groups, cities, states, and countries who wanted to honor the memory of George Washington. Stones featuring famous quotes from George Washington himself can also be seen throughout the monument.

The Washington Monument is located at 15th Avenue and Constitution Avenue.

Free tickets are available at the Washington Monument Lodge on 15th Street. Tickets are required for all Washington Monument visitors, and advance reservations are available.