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We are a field trip and educational travel planning company that provides complete packages for your groups. We take the complex world of group travel & transportation and make it simple. Our mission is to help students of all grades visit and experience new cities and historical landmark destinations to expand their horizons.

Take a School Field Trips to Washington D.C. to see the Newseum for the 50th Anniversary of John F Kennedy. Students will experience a part of history, the exhibit is called “JFK: Four days that shook the world” . Trips prices start as low as $449 for 3 Nights call 1.800.241.1728 for details. For more info about DC Newseum tours Click here.

Our tour packages are all-inclusive with bus/air transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, guides, attraction tickets/vouchers, security, and most important - Peace-of-Mind.

Since 1991, we have sent over 1 million students on field trips to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Florida, and everywhere in between. Call us today for student tours at 1-800-241-1728 or use our easy Contact Form.


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